Dutch Movie Night 2014

Annual Dutch Movie night!

Hansje Brinker Guild’s annual movie night and drive will show the Dutch movie ‘Hoe duur was de suiker’ or “The Cost of Sugar’.

It offers a peek into a dark part of Dutch history; it is the 18th century in Surinam, former colony of the Netherlands, where wealthy white families keep black slaves to work in their houses or on their fields. Little rich girl Sarith grows up in luxury, with her own slave Mini-Mini by her side. As Sarith and Mini-Mini grow older, their different societal positions as slave-owner and slave is what both binds and separates them.

The drive for Seattle Children’s Hospital remains ‘Operation Family Care’. Consider supporting this great program by donating a gift card of any size for Safeway or a 76 Station. For more information visit https://www.seattlechildrens.org/Guilds/Guild-News/2012/Fall/Feature-Story/.

Ticket Price: $15 for Guild Members, $18 for non-members