Oranjebal October 26, 2019

On behalf of the Hansje Brinker Guild of Seattle Children’s hospital, thank you for supporting our first Oranjebal on October 26th . With your generous giving, the event raised more than $25.000 for Seattle Children’s Child Life Department.


We thank our sponsors for the Oranjebal 2019 for making it a success:

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Visit them at: Coldwell Bankers BainNIBIO ROOS 

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Hansje Brinker Guild

The Hansje Brinker Guild was founded by a group of women with a Dutch background living in the Seattle area in 2007.

Hansje Brinker Guild is part of Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association with the purpose of raising funds for Seattle Children’s Hospital, to educate others and be an advocate for children.

A guild for Seattle Children’s Hospital is a group of people who join together to make a difference in the health and well-being of children. As our Guild has a Dutch background, we chose for our name the symbol of Hansje Brinker, in the USA well known as a little Dutch boy who made a difference (see “Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates by Mary Mapes Dodge).


President – Mireille Koenders-Kools

Treasurer – Hans Brinkhoff

Secretary – Janneke van Dam


The Hansje Brinker Guild supports the “Child Life” programs at the Hospital. All our fundraising efforts are to benefit the Child Life Department.

Child Life Department

Helping children cope with a hospital stay

Play is the core of the Child Life Program. It helps children relieve tension, express concerns and fears, and experience a sense of control over their environment.  The Playrooms and Teen Zone provide a place to have fun, safe, supportive play and social interaction. Children will enjoy activities and entertainment as well as a wide variety of books, toys and crafts.  Child Life specialists are members of the healthcare team who work directly with each child and family to help reduce anxiety and adjust to the hospital experience.

Therapeutic play programs reduce stress and encourage expressions of feelings. They include:

Art therapy Inpatient Room
Music therapy Teen zone
Animal-assisted activities Clinic Playrooms

Uncompensated Care Program

In 2011, Children’s picked up the tab for $103.4 million in care that was not otherwise paid for. Approximately $10.7 million of that total covered unpaid medical services – costs that families incurred for care beyond their ability to pay.

The rest of the total – a whopping $92.7 million – covered payment shortfalls from Medicaid, the government program that provides medical coverage at no cost to low income families. Nearly half of patients are covered by Medicaid, but the program reimbursed us for only 71% of the real cost of treatment.

By filling in the gaps left by Medicaid shortfalls or a family’s inability to pay, Children’s helps parents focus on what’s most important – the health and wellbeing of their child.

Approximately 12% of the $103.4 million in uncompensated care provided by Children’s in 2011 came from philanthropic contributions.

Our current and past fundraising activities

Dutch King’s Day

Orange Bike Parade

Elfstedentocht (ice skating)

Poker Night

Dutch Movie Night

Fall Dinner